Benton County Draft Prairie Habitat Plan

It is time to be very aware of the Power our County is trying to Obtain!

Benton County plans on using the authority of the Prairie Habitat Plan to put more restrictions on your property. This plan should be modified to be a guide only for the purpose of meeting the laws currently placed to protect endangered species. Benton Counties role should be to insure land owners consider endangered species when developing their land. They do not need to be in the business of regulation for the federal government. The county is spending a tremendous amount of money on this plan to include buying up property.  This county does not have the funds to waste on a regulatory plan.  Building permits will become very expensive if this plan is approved.  There are no safeguards to stop them from adding other species of their choosing when the plan is approved?

Click on the link below to read what others are saying about this plan.

 Write to the Benton County Commissioners to stop this plan:


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